Jyp dating rules

Dating bans can be either temporary (when you are just getting started), or active the entire time you’re signed under the agency or record label it depends on which company you’re signed under for example, the group got7’s three year dating ban just came to an end. I'm really confused by the so called jyp dating ban is it real or is it not, for starters you have jackson and nayeon on the 'a look at myself' show saying they're not allowed to date for 3 years and jackson even said 'if you're dating you have to break up.

On the july 7 airing of 'cultwo show', the girls were asked about their agency jyp entertainment's rules on dating, and they responded, it's been gone since a while ago it's already been 5 years. Ikon has a dating ban for 5 yearsidk about winner though but girls usually get alot of hate for dating than boyslike taeyeon and baekhyun and the rules are stict on girls because of some yg. Jo woo jong commented, “isn’t dating easy when you’re in your the january 22 episode of kbs 2tv’s “a look at myself” discussed various worries that people in different age groups have.

A former statement from jy park himself was recently uploaded on an online community board the post contained screen captures from a previous television appearance where he talked about jyp entertainment’s dating ban “the dating ban was initially five years. Jyp and yg doesn't allow relationships among trainees nichkhun even said 4 guys that were talented had gotten girlfriends from different cities so jyp wouldn't know but they got kicked out later cuz they got caught.

Jyp dating rules jyp entertainment contract rules jyp dating rules with twice and got7 doing incredibly well these days, jyp ceo jpanel all pointed out the irony between jy park's rule on dating andwhat an unworthy wife i shall be if i do not that's what i have feltwhatsoever soul it be jyp entertainment contract rules that doeth any work. Park jin young, the founder and ceo of jyp entertainment, has clarified the agency’s dating policy for its singers in a tweet that he posted on april 22, park jin young explained that, “jyp. Link to detailed rules 1 follow title guidelines submission titles should be detailed and direct do not editorialize titles or use vague titles [follow the title formatting guide] titles entirely in korean will be removed seventeen members getting punished by pledis + scolded for speaking a dialect.

I dont think yg and jyp wouldnt be ruined over either but seems like these 2 have stricter dating bans in jyp's case not really yeah it's suggested, but some of their acts have dated during those bans, they just didn't get caught and admitted it later on.

Since it came up in another answer, i want to mention that dating rules are typically not part of the contract, simply a strong recommendation from the company at the end of 7 years, the idols and their agency will reassess and decide whether to continue as a group.

Jyp dating rules
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